How to handle separation in a De Facto Relationship

De Facto Relationships: How to Handle a Tough Situation

De facto couples have almost all the same rights as married couples. The Family Court Act recognises the existence of a de facto relationship whether the partners are heterosexual or same-sex, or even if one or both of them are legally married to someone else. In Western Australia, de facto couples are presently unable to …

Considerations in choosing a family lawyer

How to Choose a Family Lawyer for your Child Custody Matter

Relationship breakdowns are challenging – even more so when children are involved. No matter your personal opinion on how or why your relationship ended, keeping your children’s best interests at heart should be at the forefront of every decision you make. Don’t rush out and engage the first Family Lawyer in Perth you see. We …

Difference between an Annulment and a Divorce

What is the Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce?

Here at Leach Legal we help our clients with a range of legal matters relating to family law. We are frequently asked to explain the difference between a divorce and an annulment. Divorce and annulments are two different legal decrees spouses may seek once they have decided to end their marriage. These two legal decrees …

Factors leading to divorce

What Triggers a Divorce?

With almost 33% of all Australian marriages likely to end in divorce and countless more relationships falling by the way side, how do you avoid your relationship breaking down? From our extensive experience there are few key events that seem to result in a spike in divorce rates. A common trend that sparks a family …

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