How to Choose a Family Lawyer for your Child Custody Matter

Relationship breakdowns are challenging – even more so when children are involved. No matter your personal opinion on how or why your relationship ended, keeping your children’s best interests at heart should be at the forefront of every decision you make.

Don’t rush out and engage the first Family Lawyer in Perth you see. We suggest you take a little time and explore some of your options.

You need an experienced and compassionate Family Lawyer, who understands the stresses and heartache involved in discussing new arrangements for your children. Look for a Family Law firm in Perth who understands the complexities of your situation and can advise you on how to proceed.

When choosing a Family Lawyer for your child custody matter, we suggest you ask them these three questions:

1. Can you tell me about some of your cases?
While lawyers can’t divulge private information, you can ask them about their past cases and experiences. This experience is a must for anyone advising on sensitive situations such as child custody issues. You need to feel confident the person you have working on your side knows what they are doing at all times. Consult with others who have worked with them before if possible. Check out the reviews and testimonials online of their law firm or talk with past clients if you can. These reviews will help you feel more confident that the Family Law firm you choose knows how to handle delicate cases such as yours. At Leach Legal, we are proud of our history in children’s matters. Our team of 16 lawyers work together to achieve positive results, almost always resolving issues through mediation rather than litigation.

2. Will You Have to Appeal?
Sometimes things don’t turn out as well as you may have hoped. One fundamental part of the legal process is knowing when you need to appeal a decision or when you need to move on from it. Think about discussing this with prospective lawyers before deciding to go with their firm. Find out the options they provide when it comes to appeals and if they understand when an appeal is necessary and when it is not going to help. Also ensure you understand the time limits you have to appeal, you want to be able to trust your lawyers to have your best interest in mind. Discussing these types of situations with them beforehand can help prepare you for what may come down the line. Here at Leach Legal we often take on cases after clients have not achieved the results they wanted with another lawyer. We are always happy to provide a second opinion on a matter, so if you feel you might like some extra help, please contact us.

3. How much will it Cost?
While you need to know that your lawyer is experienced and professional, for many, the most pressing concern is the budget. You want to know what types of fees they charge and what kind of court costs you may be facing. Unfortunately, some cases can be drawn out, so preparing your financial affairs is always a good idea. We will examine your matter and give you a clear breakdown of expected costing – so you know exactly how much your child custody matter is likely to cost. Of course, divorce is a highly emotional time, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. With Leach Legal, we will be with you every step of the way.

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We can help you find the right path to an amicable child custody agreement.

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