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You’ve made the decision to end the relationship, and maybe have even left the family home. What comes next? Even the most amicable separation can become fraught with tension when trying to reach an agreement about the division of property and other assets.

At Leach Legal, our Property and Financial Settlement Lawyers are experienced in developing effective strategies to negotiate property and financial settlements. There is a range of approaches you can take to work out your financial and property settlement, and whether your affairs are simple or complex, we can help you by: 

  • Outlining the options available, including negotiated settlements, arbitration, mediation, and (when you cannot reach an agreement) Court proceedings.
  • Advising you on what property and financial arrangements would be considered fair and equitable, should the matter go to Court.
  • Ensuring you are aware of the financial implications of property settlement, including how to minimise transfer and stamp duty fees, consideration of debts as well as assets, and how best to split superannuation assets.
  • Referring you to a trusted network of Accountants, Financial Planners, Forensic Accountants, Valuers, Brokers and Barristers for areas requiring particular attention, to ensure a fair outcome.
  • Providing legal representation under advice from a Financial Planner on the division of superannuation assets, and business settlement services when these assets change hands.
  • Devising the most effective strategy to respond to your circumstances and objectives.
  • Achieving an appropriate property settlement agreement as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Typical questions you may have:

  • How much money, property and superannuation am I entitled to?
  • Is my family inheritance part of, or separate from, the marital pool of assets?
  • I think my spouse is trying to conceal assets – what are my options?
  • How much money will have to be paid on taxes when dividing our assets?
  • How long will the property settlement process take?

Our team of experienced, professional, Perth Family Lawyers are here to help with your property and financial settlements.

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