Advice For Your Divorce Application Your Lawyer May Not Have Told You

Advice For Your Divorce Application Your Lawyer May Not Have Told You

By Nicola Jansen | 29 October 2017

Frequently Asked Questions On Divorce As experienced divorce lawyers, we often give our best divorce application advice when talking with our clients face-to-face. Recently we were faced with the question: ‘What are your best pieces of advice for going through a divorce?’ and we realised that often lawyers don’t give their clients all of their […]

Do The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement Outweigh The Risks?

Do The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement Outweigh The Risks?

By Leach Legal | 03 October 2017

In Western Australia, a “prenup” is referred to as a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA). Many couples discuss the option of entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. One question we often get is whether the mutual benefits of entering into a prenup outweighs the risks associated if you decide to separate. Pros of […]

What Are The Rights Of Grandparents?

What Are The Rights Of Grandparents?

By Leach Legal | 28 August 2017

Sometimes grandparents are stopped from having, or continuing, a relationship with their grandchildren because of a breakdown in their relationship with their own child or the child’s other parent, unfortunately if this occurs the grandparents do not have an automatic right to have a relationship with a grandchild. However, if your child and/or their partner […]

What Are My Same-Sex De Facto Relationship Rights?

By Leach Legal | 22 August 2017

Australia is still awaiting marriage equality, however same-sex couples do have many rights from a family law perspective. Same-sex relationships can be classified as “de facto relationships” if they satisfy certain criteria. Just like heterosexual de facto couples, same-sex de factos may apply to the Family Court for a property settlement. They can also seek […]

Who gets the dog

By Damien Bowen | 15 May 2017

When parties to a marriage or de facto relationship separate, there may be a dispute about who keeps the family pet. Whether it is Gordon the goldfish, Cuddles the cat or Fido the loyal family dog, the question is – how does the Family Court treat pets in divorce proceedings. For most separated couples, it […]

Time Limitations in Family Law – When the Clock Starts Ticking!

By Anna Westphal | 12 May 2017

Separation can be a highly emotional time. You may go through the stages of grief, and worry about what arrangements will be made for your children. Although sorting out your financial issues may not be your priority, it is important to know how long you have from a family law perspective. De Facto Couples De […]

Your Child Support Options Explained

By Michelle Rydzewski | 13 April 2017

Child Support Agency The role of the Child Support Agency (CSA) is to administer a scheme which ensures that children receive adequate financial support from both parents following separation. The CSA can assist with calculating how much child support should be paid and, if necessary, facilitate the collection and transfer of child support payments. When […]

Thinking of separating?

By Katie Buck | 23 March 2017

When a couple separate or one party decides the relationship is over there are a number of decisions that need to be made and practicalities that need to be considered. Decisions such as: Will you stay in the house together or will one of you move out? How will living expenses be paid? Who will […]

Things to think about when preparing a Financial Agreement

By Kimberley Morrison | 20 March 2017

A Financial Agreement is commonly known as a “prenuptial agreement”. Both de facto and married couples can enter into Financial Agreements either before they commence living together or get married, or afterwards. Financial Agreement can make provision for how the assets and financial resources of the parties will be dealt with during the relationship and […]