Documents are King in Property Settlement Negotiations

By Catherine Leach | 06 February 2012

If you are anything like me, and like most people, your memory is not perfect. You may remember birthdays but forget how much you paid for a couch, or you may be really good with remembering when you moved into your first house, but you can’t remember which bank you got the loan from. That’s […]

Talking Marriage, Divorce and Myths with Undercurrent

By Catherine Leach | 24 January 2012

I had an enjoyable chat with Nic Hayes from Undercurrent TV about some of the myths around the divorce process. Seeing a lawyer for your divorce is not about ending up in court, it’s about understanding the life changing process you’re about to go through and heading off in the right direction. My only advice… […]

Talking De Novo with Howard Sattler

By Catherine Leach | 23 November 2011

I was recently on Howard Sattler’s program chatting about our De Novo Guide to amicable divorce. There are many people who would love to have an amicable divorce, but it does require the right approach from both parties. I strongly believe that good advice early on can set you off in the right direction and […]

Seven things to get from your first family lawyer meeting

By Catherine Leach | 14 November 2011

I always like my clients to have a sense of value out of any meeting we have together, so I’ve prepared this outline of what your first meeting is all about so that you can be adequately prepared and clear on your expectations, regardless of which Perth family law firm you have chosen to use. […]

Defacto or not Defacto?

By Catherine Leach | 31 October 2011

Not all of my clients in my Perth family law firm are married. Quite often they have been living together and are seeking advice on whether they should go through a legal separation, or just break up and go their separate ways. The first question we need to establish is whether or not they are […]

Family Law Firms that Inspire Me

By Catherine Leach | 19 October 2011

I'm always on the look out for inspirational people in Family Law, and a company caught my eye at the recent Family Law Awards in the UK (and as a bynote, I love an industry event that promotes excellence for its clients). The winner of the Family Law Firm of the year was Family Law […]

Infidelity. Does it change things?

By Catherine Leach | 18 October 2011

My clients often tell me why their marriage or relationship broke down. Frequently it is because they “grew apart” and hadn’t been happy for some time. Often it is because of clashes with family members, particularly the mother-in-laws (on both sides). Occasionally it is because one or both partners have been unfaithful. I have had […]

The De Novo Guide video

By Catherine Leach | 16 October 2011

This is a video I put together to explain our De Novo guide to amicable divorce and separation, and why we think it’s such an important product for people seeking a DIY solution.

8 Questions for your First Meeting (and some extra info)

By Catherine Leach | 11 October 2011

It may seem strange for a lawyer to give advice that would help a meeting go more swiftly, but that could explain why I don’t drive a Mercedes! If you’re preparing for your first meeting with your Family Lawyer, then be prepared to answer the 8 questions below, and get the most out of your […]

Mediator vs lawyer. What do I need?

By Catherine Leach | 23 August 2011

You might think it’s a little predictable of me to say that in most instances, you are well served using both, but let me explain why within the context of an amicable divorce or separation. A mediator is someone who is trained to help you reach an agreement about your divorce and property settlement, arrangements […]