About Us

Catherine Leach established Leach Legal in 2004, having worked on many complex financial and children’s cases including trials in the Family Court. Trained as a mediator and a collaborative lawyer, she advocates negotiation and methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Her founding conviction is that it is in the best interests of most clients to avoid Court proceedings and Leach Legal has grown into Perth’s largest leading Family Law firm based on this conviction.

Each of our lawyers focus on Family Law, united by the same guiding philosophy. This philosophy is best summarised as:

  • Providing certainty to clients, by helping them understand the legal process, deciding what steps to take and by supporting them through the process.
  • Avoiding expensive and protracted Court proceedings wherever possible.
  • Achieving fair outcomes through highly skilled mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Providing functional settlements that best enable clients to move on with their lives.

Leach Legal offer a range of Family Law services, and as the leading Family Law firm in Perth, WA, use the strength of our experienced lawyers to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients.

Some couples remain on amicable terms and can manage separation with little or no involvement from Perth divorce lawyers. However, for many, that isn’t possible.

Whatever your situation, it’s important to be aware of the facts necessary to ensure the marriage, separation and divorce processes are official.

When a relationship breaks down, often the first questions asked are, how much am I entitled to? Is my family inheritance part of the marital pool of assets? What if my ex is trying to conceal assets?

As Perth Family Lawyers, these are questions we hear all the time.

It’s essential you know your options.

Based in the Perth CBD, Leach Legal is a team of highly skilled, passionate, experienced, supportive and empathetic professionals who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

Better Outcomes