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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

For the last year, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye (“Ye”) West, have been navigating their separation and divorce. Whilst their separation is being displayed on a public platform, it remains that due process must be followed when dividing their assets, arranging custody agreements, and resolving their marital status. Facts Kim and Ye were married for […]

A couple is seen signing a pre nup.
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Another way of thinking about Binding Financial Agreements

Achieve better outcomes for your future While it may still be taboo or unromantic to raise the topic of a binding financial agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) whilst a relationship remains intact the reality is, no one enters a relationship with the intention or hope that it fails. Yet separation/divorce rates in this […]

how divorce impacts your business
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Separation and what it means for your business

If you and your ex-partner own a business, you might be wondering what will happen to it during separation. Whether one party owns the business outright or you both own the business in partnership, that business classifies as an asset under the Family Law Act. As a marital asset, a business will therefore need to […]

Girl and dog playing in the backyard
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Who Gets Custody of Your Pets in a Separation?

Who Gets Custody of Your Pets in a Separation? There are many things to consider in the process of a separation or divorce. It may never occur to you to think about who will get pet custody after your break-up. However, for some families, the Family Court of Western Australia may be involved in deciding […]

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