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Legislation Update: Superannuation Split in WA Defacto Relationships

Superannuation Split in WA Defacto RelationshipsSuperannuation Split in WA Defacto Relationships Last week we heard the announcement that Attorney General John Quigley has, after much anticipation, introduced legislation into the state parliament to remedy WA’s “odd one out” stance on excluding superannuation from asset divisions following the separation of a de facto relationship. Across the […]


Same-Sex Marriage and How It Changes Family Law Proceedings

In December 2017, Australia became the 26th country to legalise same-sex nuptials with an amendment to the Marriage Act 1961 that redefined marriage as non-gender specific. Since then, same-sex couples have been recognised as married under the Family Law Act 1975. This includes “pre-commencement” couples married overseas before the legislation changed. In the short time […]


De Facto Relationships: How to Handle a Tough Situation

De facto couples have almost all the same rights as married couples. The Family Court Act recognises the existence of a de facto relationship whether the partners are heterosexual or same-sex, or even if one or both of them are legally married to someone else. In Western Australia, de facto couples are presently unable to […]


Super in De Facto Relationships

Superannuation splitting in de facto relationships has been problematic in Australia’s financial and legal climate for some time. Last year, Catherine Leach, Director of Perth’s largest Family Law firm, discussed with Chanel Nine News the need for the legislation to change. Today, the bill is under review in Federal Parliament, and if this legislation passes, […]


Now that it’s a YES for same sex marriage equality in Australia what changes?

Australia has spoken and it’s a YES for same sex marriage equality! Will this make a difference in the Family Law sector and any other industries? The short answer is not really, unless you happen to work in the wedding industry of course. Most professions have been dealing with heterosexual marriages for decades now, so […]

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