Children and Education

Going through a divorce or separation? Here is how a child custody lawyer in Perth can help you.

We know it can be difficult for ex-partners to find common ground when it comes to major decisions.

Your child’s best interests should be your top priority. Leach Legal are here to help, providing advice and support that secures your child’s future, and your own.

Child support arrangements

Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their child. There are two kinds of Child Support Agreements:

  1. Binding Agreement: Requires both parties to seek independent legal advice.
  2. Limited Agreement: Does not require legal advice but does have an expiration date.

Informal agreements are common but can impact Centrelink payments, so we recommend seeking legal advice to ensure your child is properly provided for.

If you are caring for a child and are worried the other parent may not pay, our child support lawyers can talk you through the available options.


The Family Law Act 1975 outlines a presumption of “shared parental responsibility” for major parenting decisions.

This means decisions around enrolments, changing schools, and behavioural issues like expulsions, should be made together with your ex-partner.

However, it is not the school’s responsibility to do the Court’s job by checking both parents were involved in the decision.

For example, schools can accept an enrolment form with only one parent’s signature; although that parent is then responsible for school fees and communication.

Our child custody lawyers help Perth parents to reach an agreement based on the child’s best interests.

How our child custody lawyers can help

Leach Legal are expert child custody lawyers in Perth, helping separated parents (including same-sex couples) find the best decision for their child.

If we need to, Leach Legal can recommend an experienced mediator and assist with developing a parenting plan or Consent Orders.

A formal Consent Order (Form 11) is filed in the Family Court and provides a Court enforceable order.

For advice relevant to your specific situation, claim your free 15-minute consultation with our experienced family lawyers.

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