Coping with Not Having Your Children for Special Holidays

It is at times when gathering together is extremely significant, such as special holidays, that we are struck by the tough reality of the changes in our lives, that come with the separation or divorce process. The first year with separate Christmas celebrations, for example, can be incredibly difficult. Depending on the way your separation is organised, it may mean not seeing your children on Christmas Day, or only seeing them for a portion of the day. It is important to prioritise your own well-being, as well as that of your family’s. You can be strongest for your children when you are taking care of yourself.

The following are some points to consider, to help you cope with facing a special holiday without your children.

  • Put your divorce or separation organisational matters aside for the holiday period.

This can be an incredibly difficult time to navigate, therefore, it is important to direct all your energy towards looking after yourself and your children. Therefore, if there are any matters that need to be taken care of in terms of documents to read, or items to sort through and pack up, leave this until after the holidays to arrange. Give yourself a pass, and it will alleviate stress.

  • Talk to your close friends and family about any worries you are experiencing.

It is imperative to keep communicating your feelings in a challenging time such as this. Have a chat with your friends and family members that you trust about how these changes feel, and how you are coping in the lead-up to special holidays.

  • Make a plan for the day and take care of yourself.

Isolating yourself whilst you are not with your children on a special holiday is never a good idea. You could join in on an extended family member’s plan, and spend time with nieces and nephews. Alternatively, you could spend it with a group of friends, or even bounce between 2 different family-friend’s households. Otherwise, you could do some charity work, such as working at a homeless shelter or serving food on Christmas Day. Anything that gives you a purpose, and the chance to get out of the house, is often a good idea to avoid periods of overthinking or loneliness. Try to avoid drugs and alcohol in these moments, as they can only offer a temporary fix, and perhaps take some time enjoying the summertime nature surrounding your home.

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