Debunking Divorce Myths

Divorce has the potential of bringing out the worst in people. How many times have you heard people say, “it was hard enough leaving, now we have to sort the finances, it’s a nightmare”?

Although you may start proceedings amicably, it can sometimes quickly descend into a “he said / she said” nightmare.

Our goal is to smooth the process for our clients, to give them a voice and make sure their wants and needs are addressed.

Along with all the family breakdown horror stories, come myths that are not necessarily true in all divorces. Each couple experiences different emotions, as each couple’s situation is respectively unique. We understand this and so we’ve compiled a list of common divorce myths.

Though each divorce ends differently, here are five common myths of family breakdowns:

  1. Having another baby will prevent divorce

This is a big one. Let’s just debunk it immediately: it is never a good idea to use a child as a way to prevent a divorce from happening. If a relationship is failing, encouraging a new baby will not save it – babies are hard work, and can be stressful!

  1. Fights always lead to divorce

Most couples argue. Couples share differences of opinions and have every right to express them. Opinions may lead to an argument. Many people fail to understand that marriages are not always a fairy tale. Although there are many fairy tale moments, disagreements are inevitable, but not always the reason for divorce.

  1. Divorce is always expensive

We know firsthand that this is simply not true. Not all divorces are expensive. Many couples choose to handle their divorce themselves and choose to hire lawyers at the final stages to get everything in writing. If that works for you, go for it! Set up a mutual agreement that is good for you both. If you experience difficulty or feel that you’re placed in an unfair situation, we would strongly urge to contact a lawyer.

  1. Mums always get custody

Very often children do stay with the mother. But this is not always the case. If the judge handling the divorce case decides the child is in better hands with the father, the mother will lose custody. Keeping your child’s best interest as a prerequisite is always the best advice, as it’s the kids who lose out if the parents fight all the time.

  1. Divorce is always one person’s fault

No, divorce is not always one person’s fault. Most divorces are the result of both people. Sometimes a couple just outgrows each other; relationships break down all the time.

When love and respect no longer thrive in your marriage, and you have exhausted every possible option to save your marriage, then consulting a Family Lawyer may be the next step.

When the time comes to divorce, work toward a mature and respectful agreement. Try not to believe in the myths and get caught up in the hype.

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We understand that marriage breakdowns can be a trying time for any individual. We are here to lend a helping hand in ease the pain, as much as possible. Because you matter!

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