Divorce declining – the latest statistics

Divorce rates in Perth are declining, and there are a number of factors involved.

Society is ever-changing, and while approximately one-third of marriages end in divorce, there are contributing factors as to why the remaining two-thirds of married couples go the distance.

To begin with, fewer people are getting married and, in particular, are no longer getting married at a young age. West Australian couples are mirroring most developed countries in the sense that couples are generally older when they marry today. Interestingly, statistics show that younger couples tend to divorce more and that older couples stay married for longer.

The societal pressure to tie the knot has faded, and nowadays couples are more than happy to live together to see whether they are compatible before making a legally-binding commitment.

By cohabiting, couples can easily test the waters to see if they are in a relationship that is right for them. If not, they feel freer to have the option of ‘getting out early,’ without having to experience a messy (and costly) divorce.

An increase in education, awareness and access to birth control has given couples more freedom to choose whether or not they wish to start a family. As a result, they are in a better position to make life choices that are right for them and to carefully consider family planning together.

Interestingly, couples without children are more likely to divorce than those with children, as these couples to try keep the family unit together for as long as possible and see divorce as a last resort.

Here in Perth, divorce lawyers see the people behind these statistics every day of the week as they help those who do decide to separate or divorce navigate this often difficult and emotional journey. Divorce professionals such as Leach Legal are skilled in supporting clients through this time as couples divide assets, make parenting arrangements and seek court-approved financial orders.

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