Harmonious Arrangements During Christmas

How do you make sure that you, your ex and your children still have an enjoyable and harmonious time over Christmas? Perhaps you don’t want to go through a Perth Child Custody Law Firm.

When you are planning your Christmas, just remember that everything looks better in the D.A.W.N light:

D – istract yourself with activities if the children are elsewhere

A – void confrontation with your ex

W – ork together where possible

N – egotiation is key

Here are our 5 key points as one of the top Divorce Law Firms in Perth, to help keep your emotions in check and to ensure that the Christmas season is enjoyable for everyone in your family.

1. Remember that the holidays are for more than just you.
Children will hold onto the memories of their Christmas experiences with their families. Encourage your children to enjoy as much as they can over the holiday break, even if you don’t feel like it.

2. Take heed of the Christmas spirit

This time of year is a time for forgiveness, fresh starts and new beginnings. Set yourself a New Year resolution to make every Christmas in the future to be as harmonious as possible.

3. Be emotionally present.
Your time, attention, and emotional engagement mean much more to your children than gifts!

4. Holidays are not a competition.
This isn’t a match to fight with your ex about who can have the “best” Christmas. Teach your children the true meaning of the holidays through leading by example.

5. Sort out the details.
Work out exactly where your children will be during what times, and when, where, and how exchanges will take place. Your children will feel more secure, and all of you will avoid frustration and disappointment.

When all is said and done – set up a plan for next year now.

Sit down and figure out what worked well this year and what didn’t. This time next year you’ll be glad that you did, and everyone will be happier knowing what is coming, and avoiding the need for future advice and intervention from Perth Divorce or Separation Lawyers.

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