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For the 120,000 Australian couples who say “I do” each year, their intention always was to honour those vows. Unfortunately, many marriages do not turn out that way with just under 50,000 divorces granted annually and need to engage with a Perth Divorce Lawyers.

Some of the most common questions clients ask are; When can I get divorced? How long do I have to be separated? Do I have to give reasons for our separation? When can we settle up children and financial matters?

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There is only one ground for divorce in Australia and that is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The evidence for irretrievable breakdown of marriage is 12 months of separation. But one of the parties must tell the other that the marriage is over, then the 12 months of separation commences.   In certain circumstances, it is possible to be legally separated while living under the same roof.

There are all sorts of reasons why a couple may come to the view that their differences are irreconcilable.  Leach Legal are expert Perth Divorce Lawyers – but we are not marriage counsellors. We encourage anyone experiencing relationship difficulties to explore every opportunity for reconciliation before you take the very serious step of separation and divorce.

Your marriage vows committed you to remain together “in sickness and in health”.  When differences arise, and before they become irreconcilable, you should make every effort to change undesirable behaviour.  Unfortunately, it is also the reality that some couples simply grow apart through no particular fault of either of them, but sometimes in the end long-term happiness may depend on parting ways.

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Disagreements happen in every household, but a fundamental communication breakdown is more serious. Often it is not signalled by yelling matches but by an absence of any communication at all – or worse, deliberate deceit.

If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, we urge you to seek safety and support immediately and legal advice as soon as possible.  When you are in a position to take legal action against an abusive spouse, Leach Legal Perth Divorce Lawyers can help.

Resolve Child and Financial Matters

You can settle up financial and child matters any time after you separate – you do not have to wait until you are divorced.  As Perth Divorce Lawyers, it is our job to help West Australian couples reach a mutual agreement on the division of assets, and arrangements for children, such as with whom they will live, what time they will spend with the other party, and what financial support is to be paid for them.  We are experienced in negotiating settlements and outcomes in financial and child matters and helping clients reach a resolution through negotiation or mediation and, ultimately if all else fails, provide advice and representation in the Family Court.


To leave an unhappy marriage requires more than a modicum of bravery. There are many resources available for couples to confront and address problems in their marriage and to rekindle the reasons for agreeing ‘til death do us part.

When Counselling does not work

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