Knowing the impacts of social media, technology & the internet

These days there are great risks associated with technology and the internet that may not even cross your mind following separation or when initiating Family Law proceedings.

Social Media

The impact of online media on your privacy and security may be part of the initial discussions your lawyer has with you to warn you about the potential problems associated with social media posts.

Your divorce lawyers in Perth may give you an overview of the risks of posting anything on social media and how even innocent posts could be harmful and potentially used against you in any future Family Law proceedings.

Now almost all affidavits have emails, texts, and/or Facebook posts attached as “proof” to show that a party is being unreasonable, degrading, hostile, threatening etc. and can be damaging to a case.

It may well be in your best interests to either deactivate your social media accounts or limit what you post.

It is very important not to post, tweet or message anything in relation to your ex-spouse or your children.


Your lawyer may advise you to immediately change all your passwords, especially your email passwords for every account you have.

The fact that your ex-spouse may not know your passwords is irrelevant- it would be prudent to change them as a matter of precaution.

Having access to someone’s email password can allow an individual to not only have web-based access to the emails but also to reset and recover passwords for every online service. A few examples of where your password should be changed, and some other tips are as follows:

  • All emails and social media accounts
  • Wi-Fi network (only reconnect devices that you want to use and tell your children not to share the password with anyone else)
  • Lock codes on every phone and portable device you and your children use
  • Your Apple ID password – this can be used to determine your physical location by “Find My Phone” if someone has access to the email and password
  • If your TC and internet service is set up in both parties’ names
  • Passwords for online shopping accounts, online banking, retirement funds and credit cards (also be mindful of the security questions related to them)

In today’s world, we require lawyers who understand the risks associated with technology, media and the internet.

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