What Do I Do When The Law Firms Are Closed?

Christmas and the New Year period are often times of great stress, and often that stress becomes too much and people decide to end their relationships. But what can you do when the law firms are closed over the Christmas/New Year period?

If your matter is urgent, the following institutions are available:

  1. The Family Court, 150 Terrace Road, Perth

The Family Court remains open for urgent matters during the period between Christmas and New Year, other than the public holidays. Urgent matters include:

One party withholding the children from the primary parent, in circumstances where the children are at risk from harm

One party threatens to remove the children from Australia without consent.

  1. Crisis Care Helpline (08) 9223 1111

The Crisis Care Helpline is available to provide assistance to those who are at risk of domestic violence and may be able to assist to source short term crisis accommodation.

In the time prior to us reopening, you can take the following steps to preserve your position:

  1. If you have any personal items of significant sentimental value, put them somewhere for safe keeping;
  2. Take copies of all important documents- marriage and birth certificates, bank statements, financial statements, tax returns, property settlement statements etc;
  3. Call the bank and tell them that there has been a separation. If there are any bank accounts you may want to ask the bank to change the method of operation to “two to sign” so that neither party may remove that money without the consent of the other; and
  4. Make a list of all current assets and liabilities, including Trusts and companies.

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