Living together post-divorce

For many couples who are facing divorce, securing two separate homes might not always be financially possible – at least straight away. In these cases, the separating spouses must navigate this new living arrangement while no longer being in a relationship.

Following the divorce process, family lawyers are aware that this difficult and emotionally draining time can be very difficult for both parties involved, and that living together after the separation has become official can make things even harder.

However, it is possible to make it work. Depending on how amicable the split and settlement process is, many couples manage to come to a harmonious and mutually beneficial understanding. In the case of children, continuing to live together can have even more benefits when it comes to family life and shared parenting.

When divorced partners choose to remain living together, maintaining independence and respecting the other party is crucial. If not, the living environment may become tense and uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Leach Legal are experienced in dealing with home sales for couples in Perth who are in the process of divorce, and understand how difficult it can be to see a family home sold in the wake of divorce.

If you and your former spouse decide to continue living together, several important factors should be considered.

  • If you are divorced, then your marriage and therefore legal connections to one another are completely removed.
  • Divorced couples may find it difficult in terms of shared property ownership if your divorce agreement stipulates a 50-50 ownership.
  • It must be clearly decided from the beginning who will pay what in terms mortgage, household bills and costs relating to children.

To maintain the status quo at home, it is vital that these factors are considered.

Finding the ‘new normal’ takes some time, which is why it is important to be patient and keep the communication lines open when adjusting to your new living arrangement.

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