Who gets what in divorce

Who Gets What?

Divorce is difficult for many reasons: hurt feelings, loss, adjustments to parental roles. However, don’t underestimate the strain of dividing property – both possessions and finances. Even if you feel that you don’t have much to divide, there may be a lot that you don’t consider. All of your household possessions, any money you have …

Affects of Social Media and technology

Knowing the impacts of social media, technology & the internet

These days there are great risks associated with technology and the internet which may not even cross your mind following separation or when initiating Family Law proceedings. Social Media The impact of online media on your privacy and security may be part of the initial discussions your lawyer has with you to warn you about …

Recovering from Divorce

Start Your Recovery Now

Relationship breakdowns and divorce are never easy. It’s even more difficult if it was a surprise to you, or if your ex is moving on more quickly than you. The end of a relationship brings mixed emotions, and grief is often involved. It’s important to remember that grief requires recovery. Grieving Yes, you are grieving.  …

Divorce Lawyer Resolution

Can My Divorce Lawyer Represent Both Parties?

The goal for many couples is to finalise their arrangements, efficiently and amicably. They work hard to agree on the terms of their settlement, including any child custody arrangements and want to resolve the legal paperwork as painlessly and as cost-efficiently as possible. Often they will assume that to make things smoother (and more cost-effective) …

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