Arrangements for children

Arrangements for children

At Leach Legal, our team works with separated or divorced parents (including same-sex couples) to finalise arrangements for their children following relationship breakdowns. Parents, whether they are separated or together, have a legal obligation to support their children. The law supports the best interests of children are met, by ensuring both parents have meaningful involvement in their lives if it’s practical. Shared care can be a real option in many cases. In many cases, parents care more about the impact of separation on their children and the arrangements for their care, than reaching a financial agreement. 

The Leach Legal team of Perth Family Lawyers can help reduce this stress. Our priority is and always has been the personal satisfaction of our clients. When children are involved, in most cases, the Court must see that you have attempted mediation to determine parenting arrangements. There are many mediators in Perth, although as an experienced Family Law firm in Perth, Leach Legal only recommends a select handful. We will make recommendations appropriate to your situation whether you come to us for once-off legal advice or seek full legal representation.

What to Consider with Mediation

Mediation will help you develop a parenting plan that can also be formalised in a Consent Order (Form 11) and submitted to the Court. Consent Orders can cover both property and children’s arrangements.

If you need assistance regarding arrangements for your children, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Claim your free 15-minute telephone conversation on (08) 9486 9733 to discuss your matter.

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