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Child Support

Once your relationship has ended, you will need to take steps to formalise your Child Support agreement. Child Support is financial support paid by a parent to the carer of their child (very often the other parent). Parents may agree what that level of support should be and how they will provide it, without consulting a Perth Child Support Lawyer but an informal agreement may impact possible Centrelink entitlements, so it’s worth speaking to a lawyer.

A Binding Child Support Agreement can be made requiring both parties to take independent legal advice. A Limited Child Support Agreement can also be drawn up, which lasts for a limited time, but does not need independent legal advice. Both parents have a duty to financially support their child, even if they don’t live together, were never in a relationship, or they never see the child. In situations where a payer parent has a poor payment track record and is unlikely to pay without being told to, a carer can involve the Department of Human Services (DHS) (Child Support).

DHS (Child Support) has the formula to work out how much Child Support should be made, based on:

  • Both parent’s income
  • Their support of other children
  • Time spent caring for the children
  • Costs of raising the children
  • Their basic personal living needs.

Typical questions you may have:

  • Our son has recently turned 18 and is going to university, but my ex says they will no longer pay Child Support. What is my entitlement?
  • The father of my child lost his job in the resource sector and returned to the UK. Since then I have no longer received any Child Support. What are my options?

Our team of experienced, professional, Perth Family Lawyers are here to help with your child support needs. Phone us for a 15-minute consultation on 08 9486 9733.

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