“They say that every cloud has a golden lining, in my case the clouds were ever darkening and the sound of lightning was crashing. This was until I had the good fortune of finding Catherine Leach to represent my case.


In Catherine all conceptions that are generally related to lawyers were quashed.


Her field of Family Law is a long, arduous, frustrating and extremely emotional roller coaster that can often compound and change daily.


In saying this I found Catherine to be a tower of strength in adversity, calm and sensible, but most of all especially in Family Law she was always there for you and made herself available where most do not. Catherine has a natural presence about her that alleviates your worries and concerns, will listen to you even if it may be trivial, but most importantly can take the bull by the horns and call a spade a spade.


It is with this professionalism, service, experience and undoubted knowledge that Catherine went beyond my expectations.  She was forced to live my life daily and was not doing it to make more money but cared and wanted to succeed in our case.”