“Before I came to Leach Legal I felt lost and I had no confidence or direction.

Since I have been dealing with your firm I feel like a new person. I feel reinforced and very capable of moving forward with purpose and I have even been able to get off my medication.

I am very grateful to everyone at Leach Legal –  Catherine, Chantelle, Julie and Fiona in particular.”


“I want to pass on my positive feedback regarding my experience with Leach Legal.

You may recall mine was a rather complicated financial settlement matter. Senior Associate, Kimberley Morrison, was assigned my file.

From the beginning I was impressed at how Kim was able to grasp the facts and nuisances of the complicated history between my ex, my previous lawyer and myself.  While she was always professional she was also down to earth and approachable. Her expertise also meant that I paid less than I had previously and certainly less than I anticipated.

After determining a strategy, Kim made sure I understood each step and had realistic expectations. She was also accessible and communication was easy. Kim made sure the procedural aspects were made easy for me, which was a huge relief after previously having to do so much of it myself.

Kim was also perceptive and knew when to give me more time or information to reduce my anxiety. Kim was able to block out the ‘white noise’, determine what was relevant and concentrate on what was pertinent – rising above pettiness from my ex, his lawyer and if the truth be known, myself too.

The last few days before our court date sealed my respect and admiration for Kim. We had a looming deadline and the other party was making timely communication difficult. Kim’s prompt responses to each letter from my ex’s lawyer during final negotiations were factual, succinct and spot on the mark. This required a sound understanding of the long history of my case and an ability to convey this in writing without delay. I am an ex journalist and I remember the relief I had reading each letter Kim drafted – relief and surprise that someone could write like she does.

Kim negotiated an outcome I am extremely happy with and allows me to finally start to move on with my life.

I am not sure if clients realise how important it is to have the right legal representation. Regrettably, I know the wrong lawyer can easily be part of the problem and a source of enormous stress at a time clients need it the least. Not to mention expense.

I only spoke to you twice Catherine, but I was in the office 5 times. The staff clearly respect you which had to be built over time – your expertise, experience, calmness and empathy. Plus I can see there is effective team work, trust and delegation.  In aviation we call this Crew Resource Management.  There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

I have also put a positive review on google.

Kind regards and appreciation from my family and myself,”


“I was going to wait until I have filed the “D” papers to actually contact you all and thank you!

Of course I remember your Client Relationship Manager because of the exceptional smart fair advice and customer service, (I mean that, as it is very rare these days) and the fact that you were extremely understanding of my personal situation.

I am pleased to say I have not had any issues with the actioning of the Orders. I have been financially independent for a few months and very happy with everything that Leach Legal has done for me. You had my families best interests at heart and it means a lot.

I am now feeling secure and confident about the future for us.
Thank you,”


“I just wanted to make sure you know how appreciative I am of your help with our daughter. You have been so very supportive, understanding and marvellous. I think that our daughter now realises what has happened and she talks so highly of you. It has been hard for her and she is just happy to be here with her family. It makes me want to cry when I think of how you all have had our daughter and grandson’s best interest in mind. I just don’t know how to thank everyone for their help. I still feel ill about what lies ahead. However, I have taken on board your strong and wise advice. It will work out in the end for the best. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”


“I was at a different firm initially and although the fees were comparable, the service at Leach Legal is completely different.   Before I even arrived the phone calls and emails made me feel that Leach Legal is in my corner and they care.  The whole culture and feel of Leach Legal makes me feel as if they are all working together as a team.  Having a Client Relationship Manager is a great innovation and I can’t speak highly enough about everyone there.”


“I have been very satisfied with the service. Everything has been explained. My lawyer has always been very solid. I feel very comfortable with the advice and she goes beyond what is expected and yet she is very realistic and sensible. The support staff have been very professional and courteous. The accounts are clear and easy to follow.

I have many dealings with other lawyers and legal firms. I have never had a service like that which has been provided by Leach Legal. It is truly outstanding. I have never encountered another law firm that has employed a client relationship manager.

I really appreciate the service and support. I would 100% recommend Leach Legal to anyone else.

I now understand why Leach Legal was recommended to me. It is very difficult time and it really helps to have the support. I work in the service industry myself and so am particularly aware of good and bad service.”


“The team at Leach Legal were incredible and made a stressful situation much easier. Everything was fair and communication about cost and billing was amazing. I already have recommended Leach Legal to others and will continue to do so in the future.”


“I was very grateful for the no-nonsense positive advice.”


“I was delighted – even my husband was happy about the service. Thank you for your help with this matter. I would definitely recommend Leach Legal to friends and would hope they would be as satisfied as I have been.”


“Service with a smile. From the moment I exited the elevator I received a quality service which continued for the duration of my dealing with Leach Legal. Leach Legal had an extremely professional and friendly environment. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.”


“I would recommend Leach Legal to friends and colleagues as they have a very calming effect in a stressful situation.”


“I was satisfied with the initial Family Law consultation and subsequent engagement with Leach Legal. They were very professional and I felt very relaxed and confident that the staff could do a great job. It was worth the expense. I have recommended Leach Legal to my friends who might require your services. A difficult situation made easy.”


“Throughout my dealings my lawyer maintained great professionalism even during tense discussions. All correspondence was of a high standard. It reinforced to me that I was in the best hands. I have no hesitation in recommending Leach Legal to other people requiring advice.”


“My divorce was the biggest mental challenge of my life. I want to thank you and all those that assisted for your patience, guidance and perseverance.”


“I have been very satisfied with all the answers to my questions that I have asked. All my emails and phone calls have been replied and answered always in a courteous and in a professional manner that helps to relax you and clear your mind.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for your polite, professional and easy to understand invoicing process. It made a tough “situation” a little bit bearable.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your assistance with my separation process. You and your team have been fantastic and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I referred you to a friend. He also spoke highly of you and said you were very practical and he now feels he has a much clearer pathway for his situation.”


“This matter was dealt with very professionally and I thank your company for that. It has allowed me to move on in life. I would recommend your company name to anyone who had family law issues.”


“All the advice was practical and in plain speech rather than legalese which I appreciated. I have already recommended Leach Legal to a friend with no hesitation and will do so in the future.”


“It is a great service to have a client relationship manager of a law firm. I really appreciate the support and advice. It is comforting to know that there is someone I can turn to if I have any concerns.”


“I have never known any other legal firm to offer a Client Relationship Manager. I think it is extremely professional and innovative.”


“A Client Relationship Manager is a wonderful service and I really appreciate the calls.”


“A Client Relationship Manager is a fabulous service. I really appreciate the follow-up calls and emails. I could ask for nothing more. Everything is very professional.”


“I think my lawyer is lovely and the whole vibe of the firm is very personal.”


“I am very happy – fantastic – I couldn’t be happier with Leach legal. They are all very professional. I really appreciate the call.”


“Hi Michelle,

This is a general email to Catherine, Linda, Liz, Tamara, Fiona and yourself.

I have not really absorbed the fact that the matter has been resolved!  It will, no doubt, sink in eventually, but not quite yet.

You six, know what a state I was in when we first met. The difference your combined efforts have made to my life cannot be properly described. Nor can it be over estimated. Your caring management and professional and business like approach to your respective areas of work left nothing to be desired. No one could ask more than that. A very big THANK YOU. “


 “I will pre-empt the client survey with my own letter of thanks which I have purposely put off writing until the emotional dust had settled on my separation.

For most people, it is a one off experience and safe to say a life changing process. My journey through the process of separation was one greeted by shock, surprise, angst, turmoil and frustration.

For me there were 2 islands of support, being my family and Leach Legal. Whilst our relationship is by definition a commercial one, it is fair to say it was critical in providing me with the confidence that everything that can be done – was and, in a professional and sensitive manner.

My lawyer found a good fit for me, being much more pedantic in their approach than my casual one and had a diligent approach to process, detail and keeping me on task is to be highly commended, which also involved laughing at the appropriate times at my humour!

So in summary, thank you to Leach Legal team and in particular to my lawyer for guiding me through a very traumatic time and giving me direction and more fundamentally hope that not only would my interests be protected but that the outcome achieved would be fair, reasonable and equitable, which it was.

Thank you.”


“I want to let you know that I am forever grateful to your team in assisting me in getting a positive outcome for my settlement. Such a fantastic team of professional and caring people. The process was made very easy for me in such a stressful time…. I will be recommending your business to friends should the need arise.”


“Thank you so very much for all your time and efforts with your help towards with our matter…. We appreciate the professional, honest and kind way you approach it.”


“Thanks again. I had my first good night sleep in months after your advice.”


“In all my days with lawyers and legal firms I have never had service like I had from your firm. It is truly outstanding. I would 100% recommend Leach Legal to anyone else. It has been a very difficult time and it helps to have the support.”


“I am writing to you to convey my gratitude for the way in which Leach Legal have looked after me over a year also in a property settlement matter after the breakdown of 21-year marriage. When I first rang Leach Legal, I was quite within the depths of despair and struggling to cope with what was happening to me. My lawyer was most professional in that they never promised anything that they could not deliver. They kept me grounded. At the same time I felt like they was really looking after me as a valued client…. In general I thank all the staff I came into contact they are very helpful and accommodating.”


“All staff, from my lawyers to office administration, were always very helpful, professional and understanding during this difficult process. I would highly recommend Leach Legal. During this period of sometimes extreme stress all staff treated me with respect and recognition and not just another client on the phone. It was very helpful and reassuring. I greatly appreciate it.”


“I want to thank everyone at Leach Legal. This has been a very difficult time for me and you have made it so much easier.”


“Thank you so much for your help. I certainly would not have got the result that you achieved if I had tried to go to it alone.”


“Please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent professional service Leach Legal have provided to me over the past 2 years.  Your staff has always been thorough, prompt and courteous in their dealings with me.  At the beginning of this journey I was somewhat apprehensive about engaging a solicitor, having heard some horror stories about high costs and sloppy, indifferent treatment of clients.  But I am happy to say that if required to do so again, I would seek to engage Leach Legal without hesitation and would unreservedly recommend the firm to others”.


“They say that every cloud has a golden lining, in my case the clouds were ever darkening and the sound of lightning was crashing. This was until I had the good fortune of finding Catherine Leach to represent my case.

In Catherine all conceptions that are generally related to lawyers were quashed.

Her field of family law is a long, arduous, frustrating and extremely emotional roller coaster that can often compound and change daily.

In saying this I found Catherine to be a tower of strength in adversity, calm and sensible, but most of all especially in family law she was always there for you and made herself available where most do not. Catherine has a natural presence about her that alleviates your worries and concerns, will listen to you even if it may be trivial, but most importantly can take the bull by the horns and call a spade a spade.

It is with this professionalism, service, experience and undoubted knowledge that Catherine went beyond my expectations.  She was forced to live my life daily and was not doing it to make more money but cared and wanted to succeed in our case.”


“Thank you so much for your advice today.  It was much appreciated.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or family.”


“What Leach Legal provided was really good and they were very understanding of the unpleasantness that can come with divorce. Seeing other lawyers you are just a number, however with Catherine, she takes it as a personal thing, you are not just a client but someone who needed to be heard.”


“I would recommend Leach Legal at a drop of a hat and have done many times. If someone needed family law advice, Catherine would be the first port of call.”


“Your calmness and strength has enabled me to get through this and get on with my life. I am now doing things I haven’t done for many years and I feel like I have found myself again.”


“Your firm handled my case with great care, and did an exceptional job. My lawyer was strategically agile, and I believe she saved me a lot of money.  I would like to thank your team for a job well done.”


We promise to call you back within 2 hours