The Dangers of DIY Wills

There are many do-it-yourself kits available that can assist you to prepare your own Will.  This may sound like the perfect solution to what you consider to be a very simple matter.

However, preparing your own Will can be risky business as you may not include all important matters within your Will and you may miss some critical steps when attempting to make your Will a binding legal document.

The existence of a valid and detailed Will is very important, no matter what stage of your life you are in.  Having a valid Will ensures that you have peace of mind that your wishes will be followed, your loved ones will be taken care of and the stress, costs and burden of resolving your financial affairs after you have passed is not left to your grieving family and friends.

When preparing your important Will, there is no substitute for comprehensive legal advice during this process.

Your Will can include a vast array of information, such as your burial or cremation requests, your secret documents location or passwords and your wishes when it comes to your children and pets.

Here at Leach Legal we have a dedicated Wills and Estates Lawyer, Ms. Elizabeth O’Sullivan to assist our clients with preparing their Wills.  Elizabeth works alongside our team of Perth’s top Divorce and Family Law practitioners so ensure that client’s Wills cover all necessary information and are legally binding.  Please contact Leach Legal to make your appointment with Elizabeth today.

While for the most part, we make our Wills ahead of the time we expect to depart this earth, it is important to be mindful this is the document that those left behind will rely on.

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