What Triggers a Divorce?

With almost 33% of all Australian marriages likely to end in divorce and countless more relationships falling by the wayside, how do you avoid your relationship breaking down?

From our extensive experience, there are a few key events that seem to result in a spike in divorce rates. A common trend that sparks a family separation tends to be when the youngest child in a family completes their Year 12 exams. It triggers action from the unhappiest member of the marriage to take the necessary steps to put their happiness first, at last.

When you first meet your spouse, your relationship is full of excitement and fireworks. Unfortunately for some, those fireworks can burn out and the risk of a marriage breakdown becomes very real.

The divorce rate has been gradually rising since 1975, when the Family Law Act introduced the ‘no fault divorce’ provision, meaning that the cause of the breakdown was irrelevant to one’s ability to obtain a divorce. In 2010 alone, there were 50,200 divorces in Australia.

Whilst the causes of a marital breakdown may no longer be relevant to applications for divorce, it is nonetheless interesting to understand what causes a relationship breakdown. A recent Australian study reported that over 70% of divorcees blamed the following issues for the cause of their marriage breakdown:

• Communication problems
• Loss of connection
• Infidelity/trust issues

Successful relationships require a great deal of care and attention. Respect, trust, communication and fidelity are among the key ingredients for a successful relationship. However, sometimes these elements can fall by the wayside and can lead to issues arising within relationships.
When all attempts to save the relationship have failed, or when children have grown up, that is when some start considering your options and what is going to be the best way forward for you and your brood.

Every relationship is unique and the intricacies of your situation can be lost on those that are not willing to sit with you, spend time with you, and reassure you that you matter and that your wants and needs are the top of the priority checklist.

At Leach Legal, we see you. We know you matter. We exhaust all our efforts to help you out of your temporary trying situation with your head held high; proud of the way you handled this challenging process which may make you that bit more of a stronger, more confident human being. If you’re considering your options for a divorce, why not give us a call on (08) 9486 9733 and schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experienced lawyers to explore your next steps. Because at Leach Legal, you matter.

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