4 New Year Resolutions that will change your 2016

Happy belated New Year from all of us at Leach Legal.

We have built a fantastic team and I have spent some time over the break thinking about how I can continue to grow and improve personally and professionally.   Working on the “Keep it Simple Stupid” principal, I have identified four things that I think will take me to the next level.

  1. Read Read Read:  I have set a goal to read 40 non fiction books this year.   I don’t pretend that I am going to remember it all, but I believe that the more ideas and stories you are exposed to, the bigger the “bag” you can pick from when a new situation arises.
  2. Health before Wealth:   Having felt really burnt out at the end of last year I reflected that whilst I thought I was looking after myself, in reality I was trying to do too much and most importantly, not allowing enough down time after stressful events such as travelling or conferences.  Family Law is a very stressful area of law and at Leach Legal we have put some new initiatives in place to make sure that divorce doesn’t get us down.
  3. Renew and maintain relationships:   In business and in my personal life, relationships are extremely important to me.  What I have learned is that people really love to catch up, but generally prefer not to be the organizer of the catch up.   Although it sounds a bit over the top, I have scheduled a series of catch ups with friends and colleagues because before we know it 2016 will be over and it will feel like last week when I decided to do this.
  4. Appreciate not deprecate:   I have taken classes with the same ski instructor for two years in a row.  Ed is 75 years old and skis at least 5 days a week.   His lessons are a pleasure and I learnt so much – not just about skiing (which I will never be brilliant at, but at least I don’t constantly think I am going to die), but also about myself and what makes me flourish.   My lessons were full of “good jobs” and fist pumps and “you are awesome”.  Whilst it could come across as cheesy, I felt like a grinning six year old getting a star from my teacher.  This taught me that it doesn’t matter how old you are, constantly being told you are doing great is the most rewarding thing in the world.   I have resolved to heap deserved praise on my fantastic team, my great family and my fabulous friends.   And also my wonderful business colleagues who are always so wonderful to connect with.

May your 2016 be successful and prosperous.

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