Keep Calm And Carry On… Managing Your Separation

The top 3 life stressors, according to the Holmes-Rahne Life Stressors Scale are:

1. Death of a spouse

2. Divorce; and

3. Marriage Separation.

When you separate from your partner, there are so many things you need to think about from a practical, emotional and financial level, that it can become overwhelming.

While it would be nice to be able to outsource ‘managing’ the process there is a lot you need to do yourself. However, you can surround yourself with support, and use professional resources that help you to manage this process so it doesn’t become all-consuming and simply exacerbate an already stressful and emotional process.

If you have children, you are working or both, and your separation is not being properly managed or not managed at all, it can consume your valuable time and energy. This can leave you unable to properly attend to the things that can provide you with comfort, security and certainty during that time – often your children and your job.

Your WA family lawyer should be there to manage this process for you. You want a lawyer that is much more than simply a “mouthpiece” for your case.

As you would expect, your lawyer would provide you with legal advice and, if they’re any good, strategy, but at Leach Legal we see our role as much wider than this. We also give you the support and tools to take you through the process and let you get on with your life.

The huge levels of stress surrounding separation and divorce stem from the emotional loss and the loss of opportunity, but also from the uncertainty and the feeling that you have no control over the process.

A good family lawyer is your trusted manager, advisor and guide. Their role is to inform, advise and support you and provide you with contacts with other independent professionals to support this.

You and your former partner have spent time, sometimes a long time, building your lives together, creating an interlocking relationship that is both financial and emotional. The process of disassembling these interlocking parts is complex and the best way to keep as many of the parts intact is to dismantle with care and with knowledge. This means preserving assets and protecting your children from suffering.

This process is not always quick, but your resulting settlement and arrangements for your children will be more workable and palatable if they are decided via a controlled and methodical process.

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