The Finances of Divorce

Separation proceedings are complicated, often with a lot of emotion weighing into agreements about asset division and financial transactions.

As divorce lawyers in Perth we see every day how emotion can interfere with practical financial solutions. It is therefore our job to be in your corner fighting for what is fair and reasonable.

Otherwise divorce expenses can quickly add up, mounting added stress on an already difficult situation.

Separation as a financial transaction At Leach Legal, we understand separation is not easy. You already have so many things to consider; your children’s best interests, your financial future, transitioning to a new life, dealing with the emotional weight of divorce and at times seeing your ex with a new partner.

Our experienced divorce lawyers lessen the burden by representing you, without letting emotion interfere with the complex negotiations and financial transactions of separating. We’re not robots; we are here to support you and will offer whatever support possible.

However, removing emotion from the process when dividing property is key to a smooth separation.

Divorce expenses you can expect Every relationship is different, which means no two financial separations are the same. Divorce expenses vary in all cases however there are some key considerations when dividing assets:

  • Capital gains tax from financial gains when an asset is sold
  • Stamp duty when transferring assets (which can be waived in most circumstances with a Court order or Financial Agreement)
  • Bank fees such as early loan exit fees
  • Legal fees for us to fight for your entitlements
  • Ongoing child support payments
  • Rental or relocation costs if leaving the family home

Don’t panic: our Perth divorce lawyers will clearly explain all your financial likely outcomes and entitlements as we work through the separation process with you.

To understand your financial position in case of separation, book a free 15-minute consultation with Leach Legal. Our team will help you avoid a costly divorce and take some of the stress off our shoulders.