Where to Turn After Domestic Violence

At Leach Legal, we take a firm stance that all forms of domestic violence are unacceptable.

Our Perth family law firm is dedicated to helping domestic abuse survivors navigate the often-intimidating Court system after separating from an abusive partner. We act for both men and women who have experienced domestic abuse.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can help protect you and your family by obtaining an FVRO against your ex-partner, as well as working through the steps for a legal separation.

What is a VRO?
A Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO) prevents a person (Respondent) from communicating with, being in the presence of, living, or working with another person (the Applicant).

FVROs can be issued when:

  • The Respondent has committed an act of domestic abuse or threatened to so
  • Unless restrained, the Respondent is likely to continue to be abusive
  • The Applicant reasonably fears they are in danger of domestic abuse

FVROs can be temporary or final. When domestic abuse occurs or is likely, a temporary FVRO can be issued by a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace without the other person present.

Final FVROs can only be ordered by a Magistrate after a hearing involving the Respondent. These orders usually last for two years and are issued based on a combination of evidence and the Court hearing.

The Perth family law firm on your side
In domestic violence cases it is important the survivor is supported and protected.

Leach Legal are Perth’s trusted family lawyers, helping victims of abuse access the appropriate legal services to live without fear.

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